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Software Portfolio

kampus365© is the complete integrated University student information management software. We hope that this software system will tremendously improve your student activities management, teaching performance and administration. Hence, it will improve the overall university performance. It has the following modules:

  1. Pre-Admission Mgt

  2. Admission Mgt

  3. Course Mgt

  4. Exam Mgt

  5. Calendar Mgt

  6. Routing Mgt

  7. Library Mgt

  8. Notice Board Mgt

  9. Medical Service Mgt

  10. Accounts Mgt

  11. Payroll Mgt

  1. Human Resource Mgt

  2. Inventory including Purchase & Consumption Mgt

  3. Fixed Assets Mgt

  4. Attendance Mgt

  5. Syllabus Mgt

  6. Assignment Mgt

  7. Extra curriculum activity Mgt

  8. Transport Mgt

  9. Fund & Budget Mgt

  10. Hostel/Hall Mgt

  11. Alumni Mgt


  1. Cloud Enabled

  2. Student Behavior Tracking & Analytics

  3. Campus Recruitment

  4. Communication & Social Features

  5. Robust Reporting

  6. Mobile Interface

  7. Flexible Access Control (reader, contributor, administrator model)

  • Accounts [English & Bangla] (Journal Entries, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet)

  • Payroll (Employees, Scale Grading, Loan Info, House Rent, Allowances, Payslip, Salary Sheet, Salary Transfer Sheet, Somity Subscription, PF Deduction Recovery, Donation etc)

  • Human Resource (Staff/Employee, Designation, Education, Institute, Bank, Family, Experience, Training, Promotion, Nominee, Travel, Publication, Show Case, Suspense, Re-appointment, Case, Office Note, Attendance and Leave Info)

  • Inventory including Purchase & Sales

  • Fixed Assets

  • Attendance


  1. Track and Manage Accounts, Human Resource etc

  2. Robust Reporting

  3. Mobile Interface

  4. Flexible Access Control (reader, contributor, administrator model)


  1. Robust Reporting

  2. Mobile Interface

  3. Flexible Access Control (reader, contributor, administrator model)


  1. Robust Reporting

  2. Mobile Interface

  3. Flexible Access Control (reader, contributor, administrator model)

Ultimate Project Track, Track projects, milestones, action items, attach documents, add tags, project cost, disbursement, buy-back/loan return and comment. Project Track enhances your project management effectiveness by promoting collaboration, transparency, and information sharing.

A project in Project Track has a number of attributes, including one or more owners, a status indication, and a set of milestones and action items. You can submit status updates for a project and create status reports based on a selection of updates. Projects are assigned to a category, and a project can be the parent of one or more child projects. You can also add tags to a project to allow for more informal groups of projects

All projects allow you to add annotations, such as links to other resources or files, to the project for consolidated access to all information relating to a project.

Each project has a set of milestones, which can be viewed in a report, a calendar view, or in a Gantt chart format.

Each project has a set of action items, which can be viewed in a report or a calendar view. Project Track includes a set of high level analysis reports on action items, for a quick review of assigned tasks.

Project Track also includes built-in integration with email. You can request status updates through an email message, and team members who receive this type of message can directly update status, milestones or action items, as well as add annotations to a project.


  1. Track and Manage Projects

  2. Track and Manage Project Milestones

  3. Manage flexible and updateable projects status, items

  4. Flexible and changeable status codes

  5. Robust Reporting

  6. Link, Note, and File Attachments

  7. Mobile Interface

  8. Flexible Access Control (reader, contributor, administrator model)

Ultimate Opportunity Tracker, Opportunity Tracker helps you to track your sales opportunities throughout their lifespan, while giving sales management a quick and easy tool to both see the current state of the sales pipeline and analyze past sales performance.

Manage sales opportunities, track leads, manage accounts and contacts. Opportunities are organized by territory and account. For each opportunity you can track products, competition, sales team, and add hypertext links and file attachments. Use interactive reports to slice and dice your sales pipeline. You can upload leads from spreadsheets and convert leads to opportunities.

All reports in Opportunity Tracker are completely customizable by users, allowing for extended analysis and charting based on these reports.


  1. Track Sales Opportunities

  2. View opportunities by product, territory, sales person

  3. Track and manage leads

  4. Link, Note, and File Attachments

  5. Mobile Interface

  6. Flexible Access Control (reader, contributor, administrator model)

  7. Time zone Support

which has the following modules:

  1. Merchandising Management

  2. Commercial Management

  3. Production Management

  4. Inventory Management

  5. Accounts and Fixed Assets Management

  6. Human Resource including Admin, Attendance, Payroll Management

  7. Machinery Maintenance Mgt

  8. Garments Portal for sourcing including Compliance


  1. Robust Reporting

  2. Mobile Interface

  3. Flexible Access Control (reader, contributor, administrator model)

Library management is a sub-discipline of institutional management that focuses on specific issues faced by libraries and library management professionals. Library management encompasses normal management tasks as well as intellectual freedom, anti-censorship, and fundraising tasks. Here covering the following:

  1. Accession Registration

  2. Book Processing

  3. Members

  4. Book Issue

  5. Book Return

  6. Book Renewal

  7. Demands

  8. Article Info

  9. Exchange Register

  10. Journal Holding

  11. Journal Received


  1. Robust Reporting

  2. Mobile Interface

  3. Flexible Access Control (reader, contributor, administrator model)

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